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Up to
$2000 in Cash Prizes Every Week

Photography * Illustration * Design * Painting * Drawing * Typography * and More!

You can win up to $150 for the top image chosen every week in each of dozens of content categories.

Entering contest is easy. Sign up and upload your images by any Saturday midnight GMT.

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Cash Prize Scale for each category

Min # of Images per week Prize
1000 $20
2500 $50
5000 $100
7500 $150

Awards Given Weekly

In addition "Award" badges and points will be given to top 20% of images in each category. These badges will be displayed permanently on the Image Detail page and your Profile page.


How it works

  1. Upload your images to Pixoto and select a category for them to compete in.
  2. Members will then begin to vote on them immediately using "ImageDuel".
  3. Every ImageDuel win will increase your image's "ImageScore".
  4. The image with the highest ImageScore at the end of the voting period wins the cash prize.

When are the deadlines?

Images can be submitted until the end of the period and then voting occurs on those images until Awards are assigned. This gives all images, regardless of when they were submitted, an equal chance to win. Submission deadlines are always up to midnight GMT at the end of the period and weeks run Sunday-Saturday.

Contest Awards Assigned
Daily 3pm the following day
Weekly Midnight GMT the following Wednesday
Monthly Usually the 2nd Tuesday of the next month
Yearly Varies

Contest Rules

  • Do not ask your friends to vote up your image. We rely on unbiased feedback.
  • Images with identifiable watermarks (including any text or date embedded in the image) will be deleted.
  • To qualify for a weekly award images must be received by Saturday at Midnight GMT. Images received after that will be entered into the following week's contest.
  • If you are voting and you know whose image is in the duel – YOU ARE BIASED – skip the duel!
  • Contributors suspected of attempting to unduly influence the results will be disqualified at our sole discretion.
  • NO VERY SIMILAR IMAGES: You may submit an unlimited number of images but each one must be significantly different from the others. This means only one image of any subject and scene/pose combination is allowed. The only exceptions are that you may have a duplicate of a color photo in the black and white category and you may use other images you have submitted to create unique works of digital art. You may delete an image and resubmit it at any time. If reported, and we agree that the images are not distinct enough, the newer image will be deleted. This is critical for keeping the Pixoto community vibrant, exciting and fun (note - this rule effective 6/1/2012).  more examples.
  • Pixoto will award prizes based on the results of online voting using ImageDuel and reserves the right to adjust and modify the image ranking algorithms at any time and at its sole discretion.
  • Obviously miscategorized images will be recategorized if reported. Recategorization into a new category results in the loss of all ImageDuel data.
  • Cash prizes must be claimed within 90 days by completing this form.
  • Open Categories are not eligible for cash prizes. Open categories are described here.
  • All cash prizes will be paid using Paypal.

Are you up to the challenge? Upload your best images, and let’s see who wins!

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