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Submit 5 Photos

Submit at least 5 Stock images.

Round up all of your best photos and make them available for download

Earn up to $49 on every download!

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Everyone has a fair shot of getting their images on the top of the stack

Our ImageDuel™ feature allows the community to decide which images are the best. Pixoto Stock search results list the highest ranked images first!

Our ImageDuel™ feature ensures everyone has a fair shot at getting their images to the top of the stack.

It's bling time. Earn up to 30% of the revenue for each download with Pixoto Stock.

Lifetime Earnings Single Image Download Multi Image Downloads Resale and Enhanced* Subscription Downloads
$0 - $500 $3.80 $1.96 35% $0.25
$500 - $3000 $4.75 $2.45 40% $0.28
$3,000 - $10,000 $5.32 $2.74 45% $0.30
$10,000 + $6.00 $2.94 50% $0.33

* Denotes the percentage of total Pixoto revenue that you will receive for any Submitted Content licensed in ways other than direct downloads at full price, including enhanced licenses.

Model Release

You must have a model release on file for each person in your stock photos


Location Release

Private property the subject of your photo? You must have a property release on file.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will my images be available for purchase?
In October 2012. We are currently collecting from our members photos that will be available for the launch of our stock photography service in October. Make sure your photos get seen at launch – submit them now.
Q: Do I have to use your model release form?
No – you can use any model release form that you like as long as it is no more restrictive than our standard model release above. However if your model releases are not in English you must send an email to with an English translation of your standard release before we can approve your images.
Q: Am I eligible to become a Pixoto Stock contributor?
To be eligible to become a Pixoto stock Contributor you must: 1) have shot the photos yourself 2) have the legal right to license them 3) have a valid government issued photo ID and 4) be able to accept payment through or Pixoto's ImageDuel system assures that the best photos show up at the top of each search so you won't get crowded out by older photos that have lots of downloads.
Q: What kind of Photos can be submitted to Pixoto Stock?
Almost any photo. Please see our contributor guidelines for details.