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Fill out the form below and we'll create a dedicated page on Pixoto for your challenge. We take care of submissions, judging, assigning awards and paying out cash prizes (promoted challenges only). You decide on the "Judge's Award" (the top award) and disqualifications if necessary. You can share the photos on social media, license them for commercial use, or buy prints.

Your challenge will go through three phases:

  • 1. Submission

    – Contributors can submit photos to your challenge through your dedicated contest page. When the challenge ends you will earn one Pixoto credit for every image submitted.
  • 2. Voting

    – Submissions are closed and the voting begins through ImageDuel. You can assign a "Judge's Award" during this period.
  • 3. Awards

    – Once the voting is closed Pixoto automatically assigns award badges to the top images and notifies the winners. Winners will be featured on the challenge home page.

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