New Release - Image Submission Overhaul2019-06-06 00:10:26 UTC

Today we are pleased to announced a release that is a complete overhaul of our image submission system along with numerous bug fixes.

This release is the first step in migrating to a new platform that will allow us to improve user experience, reliability, and implement new features at a faster pace.

Currently only the submit page is affected. Contests still use the old submit page. We will be releasing a subsequent update in the next few days that will migrate contests as well.

What Changed?
* Images are now uploaded to an entirely new system/infrastructure. Previously, uploading was an archaic cloud two stage process that first requested where to store the image then transferred the image itself. Now images are sent directly to the cloud and stored accordingly.
* Although everything still looks the same, the infrastructure and software where the images are sent was built using the latest technologies and software and is part of a larger push to overhaul the entire site.
* Several bugs were identified and fixed along the way. The new system should be a lot more bullet proof. Facebook and instagram submission was not working in certain browsers. iPhone submission was not working. These have all been fixed.
* Images up to 32 MB are now allowed. Previously there was a 20 MB restriction on uploading.

What's next?
* Contests will be Migrated next. The software is already done, but we are making sure there everything runs smoothly prior to releasing the next phase.
* Duels will be migrated
* Reporting System Overhaul - User's will be involved in the reporting system such that there are no surprise re-categorizations. Our goal is to dramatically improve the communication between Pixoto and our users and instill confidence in the overall system.

If you experience any issues, please either click the Help button below, leave a comment below, or contact us on the community site.

We have put a large effort into dramatically overhauling the site and would love your feedback so that we can address any issues that may arise as quickly as possible.