New Release - Small Fixes2019-06-08 01:03:20 UTC

This release addresses a few issues that resulted from the new submission system.

Due to incompatibilities between the old system and the new system, 665 images were mistakenly flagged for deletion. These images were submitted between June 5th and June 6th. Not all images submitted between June 5th and June 6th were affected.

These images were restored late on June 6th, but unpublished with an unset sub category id and placed on the photographers submit page.

The photographer will need to submit them again. The photographer will be receiving a credit for any credits used when first published. We will be emailing all photographers that had affected images.

After the restoration, users that had been following photographers might have experienced a broken activity stream upon logging in. This has now been fixed.

Photographer's who had affected images might have had difficulty re-setting the sub category. This has been fixed.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused our users. Please note that we are working hard to improve the Pixoto experience and this was an unanticipated consequence during the transition.